Sanding & Refinishing

Professional Sanding & Refinishing for Hardwood Floors

Are your solid or engineered hardwood floors looking bangedup and the worse for wear? Are you tired of looking at damage, scratches, or discolored spots? Are you ready to give a room a new look, but don’t want to tear up perfectly good hardwood? We have the perfect solution: have your floors expertly sanded and refinished by the pros at Sunshine Flooring & Home Maintenance.

Especially these days, no one wants to entirely replace a floor if they don’t have to. Sanding and refinishing can make old floors look new again, adding years of life and beauty to what was once tired, old hardwood. And of course, when you trust the pros at Sunshine Flooring & Home Maintenance, you can be sure you’ll get a set of floors that will look wonderful for years to come.

Sanding and refinishing your old hardwood floors isn’t just an economical choice. It can be a design-conscious, eco-friendly decision too. See why below:

Pick What You Want: We have dozens of potential stains and finishes available, from basic oil-based polyurethanes to water urethanes. You’ll be able to pick our brains as you make your decision so you can make the right choice for your space.

Know What You’re Getting: When you trust Sunshine Flooring & Home Maintenance to refinish your floors, you won’t just pick out a stain and finish from a sample board and hope it looks good on your floors. Instead, we’ll sand down your floors and stain different areas of the floor. You’ll see the stain in the room and will be much more likely to be thrilled with your choice!

Be Eco-Conscious: Sanding and refinishing your floors doesn’t just prevent perfectly sound hardwood or engineered flooring from ending up in a landfill. Because you choose your finish, you can opt to make it extra-green, like choosing a non-toxic, environmentally friendly water urethane.

Call today to bring new life to your floors!

Whether you’re sanding and refinishing old floors or having us sand and finish floors as part of an installation project, you can rest assured that you’ll always get the best from Sunshine Flooring & Home Maintenance. See for yourself why North Bay Area families and businesses have been choosing us for sanding and refinishing since 1973. Call today to schedule your service!