Construction Clean Up

Professional Construction Cleaning Services for Mill Valley, CA & Beyond

We’ll Keep Things Tidy & Safe

Unfortunately, it isn’t always possible to avoid a construction site. If work is being done to your home, you still have to live there. Likewise, if construction is being done on your commercial building, you still have a business to run. While construction clean up isn’t a thing most people consider, it’s very important. That’s why it’s a good idea to choose a professional construction clean up company. If you live in the Mill Valley, CA area, Sunshine Flooring is that company offering professional cleaning services. We can clean up that big mess the construction company left behind.

Safe & Efficient

For businesses, even while your construction project is going on, you will still need to conduct business. This means people will be in and out of your office building. The last thing you need is a lawsuit on your hands due to a workplace injury from a poorly maintained workspace.

Sunshine Flooring will make sure everything is cleaned up properly on your site. We have the expertise to handle dust and other airborne issues as well, so it never becomes a concern. While you may just think to ask your staff members to clean up, that can expose your business to even more potential hazards and expensive repairs. If you have a construction project going on in your commercial building, make sure things get cleaned up the right way. Call Sunshine Flooring to make an appointment.