Hardwood Flooring Refinishing

Hardwood Floor Refinishing
for Marin County, CA & the Surrounding Areas

Hardwood floors are beautiful, and everyone appreciates a nice, clean hardwood floor. However, it is not always easy to keep your hardwood floors looking like new. They are durable, but over time, they are subject to a lot of wear from foot traffic, pets, spills, and furniture scuffs. It is impossible to avoid. Hardwood flooring is expensive to replace. You may feel that you have no choice but to replace your hardwood after it is looking dull and scuffed up, but you do not. You can simply refinish it!

Benefits of Hardwood Refinishing

  • Saves Money: Hardwood flooring is expensive. You may be tempted to replace it when it is worn out, but you don’t have to. Refinishing is affordable and can save you thousands of dollars versus replacing your entire hardwood floor.
  • Renews the Look of Your Floors: Refinishing completely renews the look of your hardwood. It will look refreshed and revitalized. Your floors will no longer have scratches, dents, or gritty surfaces.
  • Increased Property Value: Hardwood floors are beloved by all homeowners because of their durability and beauty. Buyers value homes with hardwood floors that are well taken care of. Refinishing them will renew their look and increase their safety, thus boosting your home value.
  • Improved Safety: Damaged hardwood flooring is dangerous. Flooring that is full of scratches and dents can easily cause someone to trip and fall. This is not something that you ever want to happen. Refinishing your hardwood flooring will get rid of these tripping hazards and keep you safe.

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At Sunshine Flooring & Home Maintenance, we provide hardwood floor refinishing to property owners throughout Marin County, CA, and the surrounding areas. Refinishing is the process of sanding down the upper layer of the flooring and applying a fresh coat of stain and lacquer. It is a simple process that completely revitalizes worn-out hardwood flooring. It is also much more affordable than replacing your flooring. In the event your hardwood floors are outdated, we also perform complete hardwood flooring installations to truly transform any room in your home.

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