Q&A: Wood Floor Polishing & Maintenance

How often should wood floors be serviced by a professional?

Wood floors are a major investment that can last for several decades, if cared for properly. To keep them at their best, we suggest once a year, minimum. If you have kids, pets, or high traffic, twice a year may be necessary.

What methods do you use to maintain flooring?

We have a wide variety of tools at our fingertips, such as polishers, buffers, and high-speed burnishers. We use these on solid wood flooring with urethane coatings, wax finish, oil finish, or acrylic finish, as well as engineered flooring. We also have equipment for polishing stone, tile, linoleum, and vinyl flooring.

Can you seal wood floors?

Yes, we do offer wood floor sealing services. This is a top coat seal that can be done without sanding.

What other advice do you have for owner of wood floors?

Regular maintenance not only keeps floors looking beautiful, it also protects them from damage. Call Sunshine Home Maintenance and Flooring today to find out how we can help extend the lifespan of your floors. Estimates are always free!

Rich, David, and Michael Paul Gilbert are the owners of Sunshine Home Maintenance & Flooring with over four decades of experience in home and commercial cleaning. To schedule your free consultation, call (415) 457-4363.