Q&A: Tile & Grout Cleaning

What kind of tile and grout services does Sunshine Home Maintenance and Flooring offer?

We are experienced in cleaning and sealing all types of tile and stone flooring – we do floors, walls, counters, shower stalls, you name it! Our equipment includes a truck-mounted steam cleaning unit, scrubbing and polishing machines, and old-fashioned hand scrubbing for hard-to-reach areas.

Why hire a professional like Sunshine Home Maintenance and Flooring?

A deep steam cleaning done once yearly by a professional will extend the life of your tile and grout and keep it looking fresh and clean. If our technicians spot any cracked tiles or grout, they can provide a free estimate for fixing the problem area.

Rich, David, and Michael Paul Gilbert are the owners of Sunshine Home Maintenance & Flooring with over four decades of experience in home and commercial cleaning. To schedule your free consultation, call (415) 457-4363.