Is it time to update to Hardwood Flooring?

Do you need to update the flooring in your house? If you have carpet in your house, then it may be time to update to hardwood floors. Hardwood floors can enhance the look and feel of your home. They can make your house look more inviting and even make a room look bigger. Hardwood floors are also low maintenance and they are easy to clean.

Hardwood Flooring Trends:

Dark-Toned Hardwood – You might choose a darker hardwood if you are looking for a more modern look. Some people are blending ebony and dark walnut or some combination to get the look that they want.

Gray and Gray Blends – Gray flooring has been on the rise, and a lot of people are choosing to go with different variations of gray.

Light and Natural – On the opposite end of dark-toned hardwood is the light and natural hardwood. Many people like to drown out the yellows and go for a cooler tone.

Whitewashed Floors – One of the latest trends is to have a subtle whitewash look that is more natural.

Prepare for Your Hardwood Flooring Installation

If you are going to have hardwood floors installed, it’s key to be prepared for the process. Dust is considered a big problem and it can be a pain if you are having the floors stained or varnished. You can provide dust control by sealing off rooms with plastic. You should also remove any doors and baseboards to prepare for the installation. Safely store them away so that they don’t get scratched. Finally, you can remove the door trim which will allow the installers to fit the flooring boards tightly around the door frame.

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Sunshine Flooring provides hardwood flooring installation for Mill Valley, CA and all of Marin County. Our flooring experts specialize in installing prefinished UV cured oil hardwood floors, which are extremely durable and low maintenance. We also sand and refinish all new and existing hardwood floors with non-toxic VOC-free urethane. Our professionals have the experience and equipment to get the job done. Contact us today if you are ready to update your flooring!