Q&A: Carpet Cleaning

How often should I get my home carpets cleaned by a professional?

A minimum of once every year. If you have children or pets, it should be done twice a year. Treating the carpets with Scotch Guard will prevent stains from getting set in and keep your carpets cleaner in between treatments.

After cleaning, how long before I can walk on my carpet again?

You can walk on your carpets immediately after treatment – just refrain from wearing outdoor shoes until they are completely dry.

How long does carpet take to dry?

On a sunny day with plenty of ventilation, carpet can dry in as little as 4-6 hours. On a rainy day, plan on 6-12 hours drying time.

What method do you use to clean carpet?

We feel that steam cleaning is the best way to get carpets clean. We begin by pre-treating stained areas with a spotting agent, then we follow up with a powerful truck-mounted steam cleaning unit. For persons with chemical sensitivity, we can use organic products or a steam-only cleaning.

What other advice can you offer?

Interior carpeting is a big investment – take care of it! Keeping to a regular schedule of carpet maintenance will not only keep your home looking and smelling fresh, but it will extend the lifespan of your carpet. Sunshine Home Maintenance and Flooring offers free estimates – if you have questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Rich, David, and Michael Paul Gilbert are the owners of Sunshine Home Maintenance & Flooring with over four decades of experience in home and commercial cleaning. To schedule your free consultation, call (415) 457-4363.